TidyFam - Family documents, always with you

Keep the docs that make up your life on-hand, all the time.

Capture in seconds. Share easily. Get expiration reminders. Retrieve instantly. Toss the paper and be tidy.

No Credit Card Required.


How your fam stays...well, tidy.

Opinionated Organization

No setup.

Impossible to mess up.

Grows as your fam does.

  • Pre-made categories. Get started immediately - no setup or thought required.

  • Pre-made doc types. You can change a doc name, but we keep doc types consistent. No matter what you call something today, we’ll be able to find it later.

  • Life Library. Enable more categories. Remove categories you no longer need. Create custom categories.

Opinionated Organization
Easy Access
Easy Access

Quickly find docs.

However you think of them.

Wherever you are.

  • More than names. We use categories, doc type and tags to find what you need.

  • Tag your fam and stuff. Tags based on the people and stuff in your life. Need your daughter’s vaccine record? Click “Morgan”.

  • Responsive design. Designed for on-the-go access.


Upload together.

Access apart.

  • LifeBuddy. Give full account access to your LifeBuddy. Upload faster together and keep docs up to date.

  • Email and SMS. Email or SMS docs (to people who need them but you don't necessarily trust) via a link that expires in 24 hours.


“My phone is next to me nearly all the time. Knowing I can capture pieces of paper in real time is huge; it's one less thing to worry about later, I know where it is, and it just feels really good to be able to toss stuff right into the trash."

“TidyFam bridges the gap between Dropbox, iPhone cameras, and what people actually need to stay organized.”

More helpful features to stay organized.


See doc suggestions that are personalized to your fam and lifestyle.


Bank-level security on Amazon Web Services infrastructure with end-to-end encryption.


Capture directly into TidyFam from your phone in seconds.

Expiration Reminders
Expiration Reminders

Get an email and SMS 30 days before a doc expires. Never worry about getting caught with expired documents again.


Each doc has unique fields to store info needed on a regular basis.

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