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Our Story

TidyFam exists because I dreamed of a system just like it for years. Every time I’d search for something to organize my life, I’d find it didn’t exist. They were all overcomplicated and too time-consuming to ever work for me.

I’m like countless parents out there. I have a spouse, three kids (and a dog), and a career. I manage our house, our childcare, our kids’ schooling, vet appointments, and what’s for dinner – aka, “the mental load.”

I do my best to keep it all together and stay organized, but life generates a lot to keep track of. I always knew that I should hold on to things that came in the mail, came home in a backpack, or I was presented at doctors’ appointments – but I wouldn’t know when I’d need them next or where I should put them. The options were the bottom of my purse, “that drawer,” a pile by the front door, or a snapshot on my smartphone’s camera roll.

I was sick of feeling like I didn’t have it together. I aspired to be “that mom” with a system for everything, but didn’t have the time (or interest) to become her. Simply put, I just wanted everything I manage for my family – the super important stuff and the questionable – to be in one place, stored quickly, and easy to find later.

I’m so excited to share TidyFam with you. Take control of the docs, eliminate the piles, and gain confidence.

Let’s get tidy together!