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TidyFam and Your Security: Trust and Safety Are the Heart of Our Platform

You are your family's documents & data - and your family's document & data are you. We protect your documents as if they are our own. Trust and safety must remain the heart of our platform.

We have invested significantly in infrastructure and created policies so that our members see our dedication to building trust. The cornerstone of that trust is never accessing, sharing or selling your data - period.

Several of our team members are seasoned software professionals who have worked for large financial institutions and understand cutting-edge safety protocol. Our infrastructure providers are industry leaders in data security. From the start, you'll see that we ensure that only you (and people you designate) can access the data you upload to TidyFam.

Authenticating our customers is one of the most critical aspects of protecting your data. We require strong passwords, email & mobile phone verification, multi-factor authentication and support biometric access to your data for added protection. With industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption of your data, we protect your private documents both while residing in our infrastructure and in transit between you and TidyFam.


We employ holistic security that combines people, process and technology to deliver a trusted and protected platform for your critical documents. It starts with our team - we are all background checked and cannot acccess your documents, period. Our security policies are based on industry-leading best practices and we are PCI-DSS compliant - the same level of security that payment processors have in place. Our technology is the most modern and security conscious using a highly protected platform enabled by leading partners like Amazon Web Services to protect your data.

If you either do not subscribe to TidyFam after your trial or your subscription expires, we will keep your data protected in case you wish to return to using our service. Should you wish to have your data fully deleted from our platform, just email

Our team members can access meta data - the data that describes your documents so that we can assist you with reminders or tagging for your convenience. HOWEVER, we cannot see your documents, download them or physically access the servers where they are stored. Even if we could, the documents are completely encrypted in transit and on our servers.

Yes. We can to make it easy to share key documents with your family members in a pinch but those email or text links will expire in 24 hours for your protection.

Yes. Ensuring that you and your designees are the only one to access your data requires that we securely identify you whenever access to that data is attempted. A key way of doing that is using multi-factor authentication where we combine your password and/or biometrics with a device you have (your phone) to delivery industry best practices to verify your identity.

Yes. As soon as you upload your data, it is encrypted for transit to our platform and further encrypted when stored on our platform. Only your access credentials allow our platform to decrypt any documents you upload. We use industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption ciphers for your protection.

If you believe someone has gained unauthorized access to your data, please email right away and our team will research all access history to determine if a problem occurred.

Cancel anytime. For plans billed monthly, we won’t charge you next month. For annual plans, we won't automatically renew your subscription.